My computer started malfunctioning, so I have to use one of my dad’s MacBook Airs until it gets fixed. It’s so cute! The screen is so tiny… Anyway, now my own computer is making really weird whirring noises. Its battery need to be replaced, too. It’s really loud… Yesterday I was trying to sleep and my computer just randomly started to whirr. It freaked me out so much…

I’m going to take a trip to Japan in a year or two. Yay! My Japanese kind of really sucks, though. I can write like six things and say really awkward sentences (“Nani? Watashi wa…erm…um…never mind.”) I kept writing my story…right now it’s really bad and would give anyone nightmares (both because it’s very violent and because it’s so horribly written). I always think to myself, “And tomorrow I’m going to blog again…”. Of course, that never works out. Erm, let’s see…I’m deleting things on my computer that I don’t need (why are there .exes? This is Mac, for God’s sake).

My dad just told me that I might have to use this computer forever now. I’m so sad. I mean, this one’s a MacBook Air and all, but I got attached to my other one…


Oh, now it’s making very big whirring noises. ;-; Oh my God… You can do it, compy! Yes, I’ve even nicknamed it. Oh God, now it’s making weird shaky noises like it’s going to explode…oh no…very loud now. I think it’s fine, but my dad says it’s done.*****! My poor computer. Oh well. Now I get to use a MacBook Air. Okay, this is awesome but it makes me sad too. I liked my old computer. But at least I’ll look cooler when I bring it to school… My old one was actually fine until about four days ago, when it started whirring horrendously. Otherwise, it was fast and works well. Oops, I just bumped it. Oh God. Oh God. Oh God. Oh God. Wait…no it’s fine. I think. Wow, so it’s compressing everything into a backup so I can put it on this computer, and things are going down Terminal tremendously fast.

Okay, Minecraft. Minecraft… Yesss… I recently got the Agent’s Agriculture Mod. It’s a WOW. It has so many plants and stuff, not to mention cigars–I don’t smoke, of course–, and other things. It’s wow. Sorry, that’s all I can talk about now. I haven’t got to use my computer recently, of course, because…whoa…now Terminal is doing my Minecraft files…omg…that’s a lot…I thought I deleted those!


Oh well. Let’s see… Oh yeah! So I play the cello, which is like a smaller bass, and I’ve been playing for five years–not that it’s up to me–, and I started playing the Game of Thrones theme song. I don’t actually watch Game of Thrones, because, you know, it’s…like…yeah… But it’s cool. However, I have watched something that was rated R. I just found that out a few weeks ago, and was like, “Oh yeah, that makes sense… That’s why it was so violent!” Erghyflergh–on my old computer caps lock was disabled, but on my new one, caps lock is still on… Erghyflergh… Well, I guess it’s kind of useful, because now when I get mad at people I don’t have to hold down shift and then let go because of punctuation and then press down again…etc.

Oh, but back to Minecraft, in the Agent’s Agriculture Mod, there are blue whales, which are HUGE. And when I say huge, I mean freaking huge. We used the Morph Mod, too, which allows you to turn into anything that you kill. So we killed some blue whales, turned into humans, went into my sister’s house, and turned into blue whales. We took up her whole house, and she started screaming. She hates my friend, so she just screamed at him instead of me. Oh well.

I’ve been learning more Japanese, though, and some day I hope to be fluent (or something… I’m learning by anime and google translate + behind the name. Not a very good idea, but oh well).

Okay, and let’s be realistic–next post will probably be in a few months. Wait, do I have any followers?

O – O


Ja-ne, seyonara, and yoi ichi-nichi o sugosu (I think that means “have a good day”. I hope so. ‘Kay, now I’ve just ruined the whole goodbye affect. Okay, whatever, seyonara.)