Pathfinder: Pathlosers

I play and RPG game called pathfinder. Our group meets every Saturday. We call ourselves the Pathlosers, because we suck at Pathfinding.

We are:

Anyes, a female elf rogue.

Dois, a male human wizard.

Emma, a female elf cleric.

Machiko, a male elf wizard.

Reiy, a kitsune ranger.

Rendien, a female wereraven assassin.

Yodei, a male werecat marauder.

Niphera, a female elf fighter.

And we pretty much suck at everything. Anyes hates ‘not using every part of the corpses because that would be wasteful’. So she has a vargoille corpse that she slaps people with. Really?

Rendien’s kinda impulsive, and wants to murder everything on sight.

Yodei’s just annoying.

Niphera is a bit of control freak, but we couldn’t do anything without her, trust me.

I could rant for hours, but I’ll stop now, for your sakes.