I…have…followers? OMG! I just found out how to see your followers, and I have ten! Okay, I’m noobing out, but I thought I had, like, two or something…

I started watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She is awesome, but Willow is much cooler. I love when Cordelia says, “How do you save it?” and Willow says, “Press deliver.” Cordelia presses “del” which is short for delete. LOL. It started in 1997, so some of it’s pretty cheesy. Angel is…strange? Weird? Dickish? Strangeweirddickish, a new word.

I don’t play the Eight Pages (I want to, because I like horror, but my parents would never allow it), but I’m not a noob on slenderman. Slendy is awesomeness…

I drew him in school today. I also drew a pale white hand holding a cane (that’s the serial killer from my story), and two glowing silver eyes (also him), and one of them was bleeding because he got stabbed. We had a sub for art, and she was like:

o – o  “That’s…nice.”

Yes, it is quite nice, I agree. A few days ago I drew bullet holes with blood dripping out of them and onto a marionette with pins stuck in it. You know what? I’m starting to realize why my parents get worried about me sometimes…

Music… I like Glitch Mob (electronic sounds), Blackmill (I don’t know how to describe it), Blackmore (medieval), Two Steps From Hell (more or less medieval), and Apocalypta (metal; my dad does not approve :3). Oh well…

Do people actually read this stuff?

My mom does.

Yes, I’m a geek loser, but hey, I like being a geek loser :3

Geek losers are awesome.


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