I’m actually writing this as a play PF. It’s a bit weird, cuz I’ve got my computer in the middle of the table while we’re fighting trench zombies. GM is telling me to stop.




I…have…followers? OMG! I just found out how to see your followers, and I have ten! Okay, I’m noobing out, but I thought I had, like, two or something…

I started watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She is awesome, but Willow is much cooler. I love when Cordelia says, “How do you save it?” and Willow says, “Press deliver.” Cordelia presses “del” which is short for delete. LOL. It started in 1997, so some of it’s pretty cheesy. Angel is…strange? Weird? Dickish? Strangeweirddickish, a new word.

I don’t play the Eight Pages (I want to, because I like horror, but my parents would never allow it), but I’m not a noob on slenderman. Slendy is awesomeness…

I drew him in school today. I also drew a pale white hand holding a cane (that’s the serial killer from my story), and two glowing silver eyes (also him), and one of them was bleeding because he got stabbed. We had a sub for art, and she was like:

o – o  “That’s…nice.”

Yes, it is quite nice, I agree. A few days ago I drew bullet holes with blood dripping out of them and onto a marionette with pins stuck in it. You know what? I’m starting to realize why my parents get worried about me sometimes…

Music… I like Glitch Mob (electronic sounds), Blackmill (I don’t know how to describe it), Blackmore (medieval), Two Steps From Hell (more or less medieval), and Apocalypta (metal; my dad does not approve :3). Oh well…

Do people actually read this stuff?

My mom does.

Yes, I’m a geek loser, but hey, I like being a geek loser :3

Geek losers are awesome.


‘Kay, so you know how villains in old 20th century movies always have long monologues? Well, them and Dr. Doofenshmirtz, but Doof just does it because it’s funny.

However, with the villains who actually do it because it’s supposed to be evil, like in Buffy the Vampire Slayer (don’t get me wrong, I love Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and I’m pretty sure they’re doing it to make fun of the movies who do it seriously), it’s like:


Or at least, that’s my expression. Anyway, I was writing my story and then I realized, Hey, Shiko’s spoken a lot…oh no, he’s MONOLOGUING! NOOOO…oooo…ooooooo…oooo…okay, I’m done. But, yeah, I guess villains kinda do that–even if, like in my story, they’re not talking about what their plan is, just being evil, it’s annoying…

…unless they sound really cool…

…which doesn’t happen a lot…

…at all…





My computer started malfunctioning, so I have to use one of my dad’s MacBook Airs until it gets fixed. It’s so cute! The screen is so tiny… Anyway, now my own computer is making really weird whirring noises. Its battery need to be replaced, too. It’s really loud… Yesterday I was trying to sleep and my computer just randomly started to whirr. It freaked me out so much…

I’m going to take a trip to Japan in a year or two. Yay! My Japanese kind of really sucks, though. I can write like six things and say really awkward sentences (“Nani? Watashi wa…erm…um…never mind.”) I kept writing my story…right now it’s really bad and would give anyone nightmares (both because it’s very violent and because it’s so horribly written). I always think to myself, “And tomorrow I’m going to blog again…”. Of course, that never works out. Erm, let’s see…I’m deleting things on my computer that I don’t need (why are there .exes? This is Mac, for God’s sake).

My dad just told me that I might have to use this computer forever now. I’m so sad. I mean, this one’s a MacBook Air and all, but I got attached to my other one…


Oh, now it’s making very big whirring noises. ;-; Oh my God… You can do it, compy! Yes, I’ve even nicknamed it. Oh God, now it’s making weird shaky noises like it’s going to explode…oh no…very loud now. I think it’s fine, but my dad says it’s done.*****! My poor computer. Oh well. Now I get to use a MacBook Air. Okay, this is awesome but it makes me sad too. I liked my old computer. But at least I’ll look cooler when I bring it to school… My old one was actually fine until about four days ago, when it started whirring horrendously. Otherwise, it was fast and works well. Oops, I just bumped it. Oh God. Oh God. Oh God. Oh God. Wait…no it’s fine. I think. Wow, so it’s compressing everything into a backup so I can put it on this computer, and things are going down Terminal tremendously fast.

Okay, Minecraft. Minecraft… Yesss… I recently got the Agent’s Agriculture Mod. It’s a WOW. It has so many plants and stuff, not to mention cigars–I don’t smoke, of course–, and other things. It’s wow. Sorry, that’s all I can talk about now. I haven’t got to use my computer recently, of course, because…whoa…now Terminal is doing my Minecraft files…omg…that’s a lot…I thought I deleted those!


Oh well. Let’s see… Oh yeah! So I play the cello, which is like a smaller bass, and I’ve been playing for five years–not that it’s up to me–, and I started playing the Game of Thrones theme song. I don’t actually watch Game of Thrones, because, you know, it’s…like…yeah… But it’s cool. However, I have watched something that was rated R. I just found that out a few weeks ago, and was like, “Oh yeah, that makes sense… That’s why it was so violent!” Erghyflergh–on my old computer caps lock was disabled, but on my new one, caps lock is still on… Erghyflergh… Well, I guess it’s kind of useful, because now when I get mad at people I don’t have to hold down shift and then let go because of punctuation and then press down again…etc.

Oh, but back to Minecraft, in the Agent’s Agriculture Mod, there are blue whales, which are HUGE. And when I say huge, I mean freaking huge. We used the Morph Mod, too, which allows you to turn into anything that you kill. So we killed some blue whales, turned into humans, went into my sister’s house, and turned into blue whales. We took up her whole house, and she started screaming. She hates my friend, so she just screamed at him instead of me. Oh well.

I’ve been learning more Japanese, though, and some day I hope to be fluent (or something… I’m learning by anime and google translate + behind the name. Not a very good idea, but oh well).

Okay, and let’s be realistic–next post will probably be in a few months. Wait, do I have any followers?

O – O


Ja-ne, seyonara, and yoi ichi-nichi o sugosu (I think that means “have a good day”. I hope so. ‘Kay, now I’ve just ruined the whole goodbye affect. Okay, whatever, seyonara.)

And…more Minecraft

Argh, I normally use LAN worlds cuz they’re just easier, but every now and then I use a server (my server). I may be awesome at minecraft, but god, do I suck at servers. I don’t go on anyone’s servers cuz I get waaaaay too paranoid (I think everyone’s a troll or something) and I usually end up dying in five seconds, but my server crashed like five seconds after I got on it. Kay, maybe it was more like two minutes, but whatever. So I’m going back to LAN worlds now…

My friends and I made a ranch in the new mesa biome (It’s super awesome) and we have cattle and yeah… Normally we play with mods in 1.6.4, but I wanted to do 1.7.4 for a while cuz of the new biomes. One of my friends got really mad at me and moved out of the main house and into a dark forest biome…they died a lot and creepers spawned and blew up their house/shack/thing…they came back a while later. Also, my other friend keeps going out scavenging and then realizing five minutes later that he either has no armour/food/potions. You don’t really need potions, but I have two whole chests full of them and like 12 brewing stands and we have nether wart growing in our front yard (next to the flowers). I have a fishing spot, too. It’s really weird that the bubbles come towards your fishing rod and turns out it’s a pair of boots or something. How do boots make bubbles? Anyway, we use the Australian English language thing, and it calls the clownfish Nemo. Hahaha, prepare to be eaten (sry Marlin)! I ate a pufferfish. I knew they were poisonous in real life, but I wanted to see what happened. You get nausea, poison, and hunger. Not fun. Btw, we’re not n00bs…

We have not found a stronghold yet but we’ve only been playing on this world for three days. So far, the main house has 3 stories. We have rainbow coloured sheep (yay!) and cats. One of my friends has wolves, but I made her put them outside, cuz they were barking too loudly. We have a nether portal, an enchantment table (and bookshelves) and cake…I like cake… One of my friends goes in and out of phases where he only eats cookies, cake, and pumpkin pie, so I have to stock up on those. I kind of went crazy with the flowers (there’s soooo many!) and so we have flower pots EVERYWHERE. I made a huge railway track thing that goes to a flower forest biome…and…yeah.

People keep following my blog and I keep wondering why.

o – o

Fruits Basket is a good anime, but the manga is better. SAO is good, too…

I keep breeding pigs (back to Minecraft) but I don’t know why. They’re only good for porkchops, and I try not to kill animals on minecraft cuz I’m vegan. However, I have most definitely failed. I love my sheep, though. And my mooshrooms.

Pathfinder: Pathlosers

I play and RPG game called pathfinder. Our group meets every Saturday. We call ourselves the Pathlosers, because we suck at Pathfinding.

We are:

Anyes, a female elf rogue.

Dois, a male human wizard.

Emma, a female elf cleric.

Machiko, a male elf wizard.

Reiy, a kitsune ranger.

Rendien, a female wereraven assassin.

Yodei, a male werecat marauder.

Niphera, a female elf fighter.

And we pretty much suck at everything. Anyes hates ‘not using every part of the corpses because that would be wasteful’. So she has a vargoille corpse that she slaps people with. Really?

Rendien’s kinda impulsive, and wants to murder everything on sight.

Yodei’s just annoying.

Niphera is a bit of control freak, but we couldn’t do anything without her, trust me.

I could rant for hours, but I’ll stop now, for your sakes.

Bow Ties are Moderately Cool

So Peter Capaldi is the new doctor, apparently. I’m looking forward to seeing him on the show.

Anyways, I have cried because of two Doctor Who episodes now. The Waters of Mars and The Angels Take Manhattan (No, not Amy and Rory!). Poo, Roman died. Poo, Amy and Rory died. Poo, I died–oh, wait, I’m typing this, so that’s probably false. O-o.

We like koalas platypuses. Yeaaaaaaaaah…

I don’t sound very happy, do I?

Ah, well. I watched Community last night, which is exactly what I said in the other post. It’s the funniest show ever. Really, if you haven’t watched it, watch it now. Now. Except if you’re under 14. That would not be a good idea. At all.